Were You In A Car Accident? Know What You’re Entitled Too

You’ve just been in a car accident and you’re wondering how you are going to pay for damages or medical expenses. If you’re not at fault you may be able to recoup your costs through car accident compensation. So,there is one question you should be asking about car accident compensation: What’s included? Your get help with a car accident claim will know.

There are five main things that are generally covered in the event of a car accident. You may not receive compensation for all of them in every case,but it’s important you know what they are so you can make the necessary documentation as soon as possible.

-Money for Missing Work

If you are injured to the point that you are unable to perform your job function then you could be compensated for any wages missed thanks to the accident. Of course,you will have to prove that injuries sustained in the accident are the reason you are unable to return to work.

-Cost of Vehicle Repairs or Replacement

Not all car accidents end in injury,but most of them end in damage to your car. Even a minor fender bender can end up leading to some serious repair costs. Make sure to take pictures of the damage and get it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

-Medical Expenses

When you do get injured you may be entitled to money for any medical expenses that are a result of the accident. This is more than just your hospital stay,however. It can include medications,ambulance costs,therapy,and anything else that could be considered a medical expense.

-Pain and Suffering

After an accident,your life might not ever be the same. If you experience a decrease in quality of life or mental health problems due to the accident you may be eligible to receive payment for pain and suffering as well. This is separate from medical expenses.

-Anything Else

If you find yourself with any other costs that pop up directly because of the car accident you could be compensated for that as well. Any cost you incur directly because of the accident falls under out of pocket expenses and you can be compensated for them as well. Talk to a Boise to learn more about what could be compensated in your specific case.

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