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    Holiday pay and umbrella companies – the facts

    One of the downsides to being self-employed is that you don’t get holiday pay or sick pay. You must save your money to get you or take time off work when you need a break. However, if you are a contractor and use an umbrella company,this company will cover you holiday pay. They’re obligated to do this since they act as your employer and so have to follow the requirements for matters companies must provide for employees. Read on if you want to discover how it works for contractors.

    Using an umbrella company makes you a PAYE employee. All full-time PAYE employees are eligible for 5.6 weeks paid holiday each year. In other words,you get 28 days of paid holiday,which is 5.6 times the typical 5-day working week. Bank holidays might or might not be contained in those 28 days. {If you work or you do not work for the entire year